Mistress Anita Devina

The kinky Mistress Anita Devina in Amsterdam. Meet her at her dungeon. I am a Mistress with deep passion. From normal girl I evolved into young dominatrix For me, dominate a man is an uncontrollable passion, almost essential to my development and personal satisfaction! Add to this a good dose of pure sadism, I’m having endless physical and mental pleasure in seeing the grimaces of pain and looks of despair slaves and hear the screams of suffering after having scourged and butchered their bodies. Practices can range from soft / strong depending on my whim and endless pleasure. I like generally all or almost, I love to see that worm locked in chastity to execute my every order. You will be crushed and cancelled under my divine feet. For me, BDSM and fetish is much more than an erotic game: it is a lifestyle.

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